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Indra to Equip South Korea’s KSS III Sub With Electronic Combat System

Spanish information technology and defense systems company Indra has signed a contract to equip the South Korean navy’s first KSS III Batch II submarine with its Pegaso electronic defense system.

The system ensures near 100 percent detection and identification of aircraft and ship signals, the company said in a statement.

It automatically detects and identifies pulsed or continuous wave signals on radar or communications frequency bands.

“The defense system can record signals, data, and events that occur on the mission for subsequent offline analysis, using specific software tools for detailed study,” the company statement said. The combat system is aimed at strengthening the Korean Navy’s awareness, surveillance, and deterrence capabilities during missions.

Indra also explained that it would work with South Korea’s Hanwha Defense “to integrate the Pegaso with the locally-developed combat systems.”

Earlier, Indra equipped the first batch of three KSS III submarines with electronic warfare systems. However, in the second batch, the Pegaso system will be more sophisticated with enhanced capabilities.

The procurement comes at a time South Korea is increasing its military drills amid tensions with neighboring North Korea. South Korea recently conducted joint aerial drills with the US as Pyongyang recently fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile.


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