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British Engineers to Build All-Electric ‘Heavy-Lift’ Drone

Defense companies BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have revealed plans to develop an all-electric, “heavy-lift” drone that will provide cost-effective and sustainable rapid response for military and civilian use.

The new drone is called the T-650 Heavy Lift Uncrewed Air System (UAS).

Dave Holmes from Advanced Projects at BAE stated that combining the military and operations expertise and experience of two companies, “will enable us to develop a sustainable and cost-effective solution for both military and commercial customers.”

CEO of Malloy Aeronautics Oriol Badia echoed this confidence in the T-650’s versatility, stating that it will have “potential in the commercial, security, and humanitarian arenas.“

T-60 UAS Specs

The T-650 has a top speed of 140 kph (86.9 mph), a maximum payload of 300 kg (661.3 lbs), and can travel up to 30 km (18.6 mi) at full capacity.

The proposed T-650 UAS can be used in various missions including logistics and supply delivery, anti-submarine warfare, surveillance and monitoring, and maritime mine countermeasures.

The T-650’s carrying capacity will allow the evacuation of military personnel from the battlefield or civilians from disaster areas.

A consumer-level heavy-lift drone can generally only accommodate 18 lbs (40 kg) of payload, with high-end models up to a 181-kg (400-lb) capacity.

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