US National Guard

  • May- 2021 -
    7 May
    An MQ-9 Reaper with three Ghost Reaper pods attached awaits takeoff at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base, Syracuse, New York.

    US Air National Guard to Upgrade MQ-9 Reaper

    The US Air National Guard has announced a partnership with Department of Defense contractors and academia to retrofit its MQ-9 Reaper drones, adding additional capabilities.

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  • Jan- 2021 -
    21 January
    THe recovered Humvee

    FBI Retrieves Armored Humvee Stolen From California National Guard

    The FBI safely recovered a $120,000 armored military Humvee which was stolen from a National Guard facility in Los Angeles five days earlier.

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  • May- 2019 -
    3 May
    Flintlock 2019 closing ceremony in Burkina Faso

    US training program in Burkina Faso seeks to stabilize ‘core region’

    The DC National Guard and Burkina Faso armed forces are working to stabilize the security situation through a comprehensive training partnership

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  • Feb- 2019 -
    5 February
    Maj. Gen. William J. Walker, Commanding General, District of Columbia National Guard and Brig. Gen. Moses Miningou the Chief of General Staff for the National Armed Forces of Burkina Faso, participate in a formal signing ceremony

    Burkina Faso and DC National Guard sign counter-terror partnership

    The District of Columbia National Guard and Armed Forces of Burkina Faso concluded a formal partnership to develop the African nation’s counter-terrorism and peacekeeping capacities as part of the U.S. National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership program. Burkina Faso is the 76th country to join the program, which will focus on building its security force capabilities, the D.C. National Guard said on February 3. The partnership will include “mission areas related to homeland defense and security, disaster mitigation and response, consequence and crisis management, inter-agency cooperation, border, port and aviation security, fellowship-style internships, and combat medical events” similar to the existing partnership with Jamaica, the National Guard said. “We are eager to develop our partnership with Burkina Faso through targeted security force assistance programs aimed at building Burkina Faso’s capacity in specific areas such as counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, intelligence, and defense institutions building,” said Major General William J. Walker, Commanding General, D.C. National Guard. The agreement was formally signed on February 1 with Walker in attendance, as well as Burkina Faso’s Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense Justin Som, U.S. Ambassador to Burkina Faso Andrew Young, Brigadier General Moise Miningou, the Chief of General Staff for the National Armed Forces of Burkina Faso, and …

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  • Oct- 2017 -
    31 October
    Oklahoma National Guard soldiers march in Ukraine

    New York Army National Guard to begin training Ukraine’s soldiers in November

    Soldiers from the New York Army National Guard will take over the U.S. training mission in support of Ukraine in November.

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