Texas National Guard, Chilean Army Train for Cyber Attacks in Santiago

The Texas National Guard and the Chilean Army have completed a joint exercise in Santiago to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities.

The drill was part of the State Partnership Program, an ongoing effort between the US Army National Guard and 100 international counterparts.

It has been operational for three decades and could include an additional 30 partner countries in the future.

Creating ‘Growth’

During the exercise, the forces identified vulnerabilities and addressed challenges in a simulated cyber attack against a Chilean government website.

“We want them [Chile] to further understand how Chile’s cyber operations and organizational capabilities employ tactical responses at a military level,” US Joint Force Cyber Operations Chief Col. Christopher Howell explained.

“As cyber threats become more common, supporting both countries’ relationships and strengthening the bonds between the military and their civilian counterparts is crucial.”

The event included discussions to advance cyber skills development, associated benefits, and cyber warfare opportunities within the Chilean Army.

US Cyber Operations Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Sgt. Maj. Darla Wright stated that the exercise highlighted various aspects pivotal to recruiting and sustaining cyber personnel for the force.

“That is making every person understand their contribution and their effort is recognized. This will create growth within the cyber-intelligence field now and for the future,” Wright said.

Advantage for Both Countries

According to the US Army, the long-term interoperability demonstrated by the US and Chile is vital to bolstering each country’s international security.

The Texas National Guard and the Chilean Army have worked together under the State Partnership Program since 2008.

“I think keeping this relationship between Chile and Texas is fundamental to develop our capacities and our apprenticeships to improve our defenses,” Chilean Navy 1st Lt. Jose Pantoja said.

“With this experience, the Texas National Guard shares with us their knowledge and training for maintaining our systems. We are also learning how they coordinate with their citizens.”

Both teams will continue working to produce cyber personnel, share information, and deter cyber threats.

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