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US Boosts Posture in Middle East With F-16 Fighter Squadron

The US has deployed an F-16 Fighting Falcon squadron to the Middle East in response to growing regional threats.

The integration of additional combat jets in the US Central Command’s area of responsibility serves as a step to enhance the US posture in averting “further aggression,” the service wrote.

It followed the Pentagon’s decision to increase US military presence in the area to control “escalations” after the Hamas attacks in Israel.

The team comprises airmen from the  New Jersey Air National Guard’s 119th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (EFS), which operates under the 9th Air Force.

Also known as the “Jersey Devils,” the Atlantic City-based group is the oldest fighter squadron in the Air National Guard and is currently active in air operations across the Middle East.

The squadron is focusing on deterrence, contingency response, and the US Department of Defense’s “Defeat-ISIS” mission.

F-16 fighter jet
A US Air Force F-16 fighter jet. Photo: AFP

“We are fortunate to have the 119th EFS join us in US Central Command’s area of responsibility,” 9th Air Force and Combined Forces Air Component Commander Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich stated.

“Air National Guard Airmen bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our mission in the Middle East.”

“The arrival of these Airmen strengthens our ability to support our allied, coalition and regional partners as we work together to enhance regional stability and security.”

Latest US Activities in Middle East

The US Army announced earlier this week that it will return two Iron Dome aerial defense system batteries to Israel to improve its security in the face of Hamas aggression.

The US purchased the platforms several years ago and will lease them to Israel to maintain ownership.

On October 17, the Pentagon confirmed that 2,000 troops are ready for deployment to support Jerusalem.

The defense agency also deployed the USS Ford and Eisenhower Carrier Strike Groups in the Mediterranean to “deter hostile actions” against Israel.

On October 10, the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard deployed multi-domain drones in the Middle East to monitor maritime activities around the Arabian Peninsula.

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