Ukraine Military Receives New Capability: ‘Trench Electronic Warfare’

The Ukrainian military has received new electronic warfare (EW) systems that can protect soldiers engaged in trench warfare.

Called the “Shatro,” the EW device can reportedly provide frontline units with reliable protection by obstructing incoming Russian attack drones.

It directly shields command posts, trenches, and other strategic military assets.

Ukrainian politician Petro Poroshenko showed the first batch of Shatro 50-1M systems donated by his foundation on his official YouTube channel.

“We are launching a new program — trench electronic warfare, which protects the military right at the frontline,” he said.

The Ukrainian military is expected to receive a total of 48 Shatro EW systems to be deployed in the embattled regions of Kharkiv and Donetsk.

Strengthening Fortifications

The provision of EW systems is part of a wider effort to strengthen the trenches and other fortifications used by Ukrainian soldiers.

Apart from the Shatro, Poroshenko handed over 800 first-person view drones, cargo manipulators, DAF trucks, and TDC backhoe loaders to the military.

He said these donated items are intended to assist the Ukrainian Armed Forces in rapidly building fortifications on the frontline and in the rear.

“The program of excavators for fortifications means that we buy all the equipment available on the market … to build defense lines more efficiently,” Poroshenko said.

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