Ukraine Says Halted Russian ‘Advance’ in Some Kharkiv Zones

The Ukrainian army said on Thursday it had halted a Russian advance in some zones of the northeastern Kharkiv region, where Moscow’s troops launched a new offensive on May 10.

“The situation in the Kharkiv sector remains complicated but is evolving in a dynamic manner.

“Our defence forces have partially stabilised the situation. The advance of the enemy in certain zones and localities has been halted,” the army spokesman said.

He said the Russian forces were “always trying to create conditions for new advances” and added that Kyiv’s troops were “trying to stabilise the situation, inflict damage and prevent the enemy from gaining ground.”

The Russian advances on two fronts underscore the acute ammunition and manpower shortages crippling the Ukrainian military which have paved the way for the Kremlin’s army to eat away at Ukrainian territory.

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