More People Quit British Military Than Signed Up Last Year: Data

Government data shows more people left the British military than signed up last year, further exacerbating an ongoing recruitment crisis.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) reported 16,140 full-time personnel quit the armed forces in the past 12 months, while only 10,680 enlisted.

Of those who left, more than half were considered early retirement.

According to Labour Party shadow defense secretary John Healey, the numbers reflect a concerning “failure” in defense.

He pointed to poor living conditions and eroding troop morale as the main reasons behind the falling retention rate.

“It’s time for change with Labour. We will ensure Britain is better defended,” he told The Telegraph.

Military Housing Issues

According to a recent Labour analysis, more than 2,000 military homes have been branded by the UK MoD as “non-decent.”

The figures account for more than four percent of all British military houses – the highest since 2017.

Common issues include broken boilers, black mold, leaky roofs, and endless waits for repairs.

Because of these housing problems, one-third of all British military personnel are said to be living in low-quality accommodation.

Record Low

Recent data revealed that the current strength of the British military is 183,130 – a decrease of more than 7,000 or four percent from last year.

The figures remain the lowest since the Napoleonic wars in 1815.

The ongoing recruitment and retention crises have aggravated concerns that the UK military may be too small to survive a full-scale war.

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