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Ukrainians Drop Bomb-Laden Food Packets at Russian Position: Report

Ukrainian Armed Forces are scattering explosive-laced food packets near Russian positions, according to Russian media.

Concealed bombs in coffee, sugar, and chocolate packets are being drone-dropped for the Russian soldiers, Sputnik revealed, citing a Russian military company commander.

“They do it for a reason. We have ‘runners.’ People who run up to forward positions with food for the fighters,” the Russian state-owned outlet quoted the commander as saying.

“They used to just throw the whole contents of a backpack on the ground. Then fighters started finding hidden explosives in that pile,” he continued.

“So now we just hand everything over in packed bags.”

No official statement has been made on the report from either side.

Ukraine mine
Ukrainian soldiers searching for mines in the city of Izyum it recaptured from Russia. Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP


Both sides laid mines during the war, including anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines designed to trigger through pressure and those deployed from a distance through artillery.

Retreating Russian soldiers are known to have rigged everyday items such as toys, furniture, kitchen utensils, plates, and refrigerators with the mines.

The development is reported as two Russian military agents were detained in Kyiv on charges of attempting to blow up a market in the Ukrainian capital on May 9.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, four bombs were disguised as tea packages while one was placed in a car.

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