US, Moroccan Soldiers Train for Electronic Warfare in Tifnit

The US Army and Moroccan Royal Armed Forces have conducted electronic warfare training in Tifnit as part of a multinational exercise in Africa.

The activity aimed to bolster allied interoperability in addressing electromagnetic threats while enabling sustained attacks against adversarial information systems.

During the event, participants received lessons on radio frequencies and direction-finding methodologies. Live demonstrations involved signal detection and associated tasks.

Sessions were led by the US Army Cyber Command’s 780th Military Intelligence Brigade – 11th Cyber Battalion (CYB) based at Fort Eisenhower, Georgia.

Following the training, the army deepened its counterpart’s knowledge on the electronic warfare fundamentals and cooperative performance in hands-on simulations.

“In order to compete globally in a rapid response environment, we must be ready to execute missions with partner nations, and that takes time and trust,” 11th CYB Electronic Warfare Officer Maj. Brian Mercado stated.

Establishing Military Relations

The Tifnit training was facilitated under African Lion, a month-long joint exercise led by the US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa to bolster the skills of partner nations across the region.

African Lion manages training for 8,100 troops from 27 countries and NATO contingents.

The army noted that this year’s iteration coincided with the 20th anniversary of the event.

“I believe African Lion is a good exercise for everyone to attend in order to build partnerships, but also useful as a broadening assignment, especially for people who have never been outside of the US,” US Army Cyber Operations Specialist Sgt. Adio Alexander remarked.

“I am learning what they have and do not have in regards to equipment and training, but also learning about their culture.”

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