Senop to Develop Next-Gen Night Vision Devices for Finnish Military

Senop Oy will develop new night vision devices for the Finnish Defence Forces.

The letter of intent covers three devices: next-generation night vision goggles, tactical thermal binoculars, and a next-generation multipurpose fire control system.

The goggles will be based on M20 technology, featuring upgraded ergonomics and a new helmet mount, while the binoculars will be based on indigenous uncooled thermal camera technology.

Lastly, the smart sight technology-based fire control system will be compatible with multiple weapon systems such as support and anti-tank weapons.

The letter is valid until February 29, 2029, according to Daily Finland

To Upgrade Night Fighting Capability

The initiative aims to upgrade the military’s night fighting capability through a domestic source, “combining high performance, security of supply, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with the existing and future Finnish soldier systems,” the Finnish firm stated.

Other countries can also join the development process at a later stage.

“The ability to fight day and night and in challenging conditions is a key capability in the modern battlefield,” Senop Oy wrote, citing the company’s president Aki Korhonen.

This letter of intent reflects a trend in which 24/7/365 fighting capability, ergonomics, and the ability to fire rapidly with high first-round hit probability in all situations are crucial factors in achieving victory on the battlefield.

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