Fincantieri Launches Italian Navy’s Atlante Logistic Support Ship

Fincantieri has officially launched the Atlante, the second Vulcano-class Logistic Support Ship (LSS) for the Italian Navy, at its shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia, southern Italy.

The ship, which began construction in 2022, is expected to be used for civil protection, humanitarian, and disaster relief.

The Atlante is fitted with capabilities to refuel ships, produce fresh water, and carry cargo. Additionally, it has healthcare facilities classified under NATO’s Role 2 as a Light Maneuver medical care unit.

Fincantieri chairman Claudio Graziano stated that the Atlante, alongside its sister ship the Vulcano, can also take on other roles at sea.

“The new units have operational capabilities in various maritime sectors, from defending vital interests to Euro-Atlantic spaces. They play a crucial role in contributing to international security, a topic of great relevance when considering the geopolitical landscape,” Graziano said.

The Italian Navy is expecting to fully integrate two more Vulcano-class ships into its fleet. The estimated commission dates for the remaining vessels are yet to be announced.

Vulcano-Class Vessels

Fincantieri’s Vulcano-class ships were designed to be eco-friendly, utilizing hybrid electric and diesel engines and low-pollution emission generators to reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint.

They can sail at up to 20 knots (23 miles/37 kilometers per hour) and endure up to 30 days at sea.

Their suite includes identification friend-or-foe, obstacle avoidance sonars, and a ship management interface integrated with a Naval Command and Control Management System.

The Vulcano-class LSS will be the basis for France’s Flotte Logistique program, which is set to produce four support ships from 2024 to beyond 2030.

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