Leidos to Deliver Sensor Management Services for US Army

Virginia-based Leidos has received a Development, Integration, Acquisition, Bridging to Logistics and Operations (DIABLO) contract to manage tactical sensors for the US Army.

The $631-million deal covers the manufacture, acquisition, fielding, and lifecycle services of aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (AISR) sensors and corresponding equipment to support the agency’s modernization objectives.

Leidos will perform associated tasks for 10 years in coordination with the army’s Project Director Sensors-Aerial Intelligence (PD SAI), an office responsible for procuring and adapting sensing capabilities in varying configurations and software baselines into multiple mission platforms.

“We are excited about the opportunity to support the Army’s DIABLO program,” Leidos Airborne Systems SVP Tim Freeman remarked.

“Our full lifecycle work on sensors and airborne ISR is a legacy we’re proud of, and we look forward to expand upon that in support of the Army’s future capabilities work.”

DIABLO Contract

According to the US Army, DIABLO is a “portfolio-wide” approach that ensures the supply of advanced sensing solutions to address the agency’s operational goals, mission requirements, and specific constraints.

DIABLO will also be facilitated to support past sensor projects due for divestment in 2025. The remaining solutions identified as “enduring requirements” from these initiatives will then be transitioned to the DIABLO framework for continued support.

“The DIABLO acquisition is a new approach to addressing PD SAI portfolio requirements to maintain agility and adaptability in addressing Army intelligence modernization goals,” PD SAI Director Dennis Teefy explained.

“The Army is currently in the process of pivoting from Counterinsurgency/Counterterrorism operational needs to a more modernized Multi-Domain Operation [MDO] focus.”

“This pivot sets the stage for future force requirements to provide interoperable, multimodal, and multifunctional…sensors and capabilities in highly contested and complex environments.”

Recent Projects

Leidos signed a similar contract in April to build, evaluate, and upgrade hardware solutions for the US Army’s command, control, communication, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

The four-year contract will also provide refresher training, logistics support, and repairs for covered assets. It has a potential value of $267 million if all options are exercised.

In November 2023, the company accepted a $32-million contract to produce a medium-range air defense radar for the US Marine Corps.

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