US Army Tests Modular Mortar Turret 

The US Army is testing the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle-mounted Modular Turreted Mortar System (MTMS) prototype.

Trials have been ongoing since January to ensure the expected performance from the system before an upcoming demonstration at Fort Moore, Georgia, in September.

“We are diligently verifying its advertised capabilities and making sure it is safe for the soldiers to operate,” test officer Kevin Irr explained

“Additionally, we’re conducting several other tests to gauge the weapons system’s overall operability.”

The Tests

The testing is projected to continue till July, including a demonstration test to pinpoint potential issues and hone procedures.

The safety test primarily focuses on assessing the impact of vehicle operation on a soldier’s auditory health.

“Mortar systems produce high-intensity noise during firing and prolonged exposure can result in hearing damage,” the US Army explained.

It will also focus on whether the toxic fumes produced from weapon firing and engine exhaust are effectively managed. 

Modular Turreted Mortar System

BAE developed the system in collaboration with the US Army, Kongsberg, and Patria, who outfitted it with its semi-automated NEMO 120mm breech-loaded turreted mortar system.

It seeks to replace the service’s current mortar carrier variants with an automated MTMS.

Three crew members are required to operate the system: two loaders and a vehicle commander.

“The US Army is interested in the MTMS’ capability to shoot on the move, perform direct fire missions, as well as its capability to conduct Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact missions,” Capt. Mike Hapner stated.

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