Italy to Send Additional SAMP/T Air Defense System to Ukraine

The Italian government is preparing to send a second SAMP/T air defense system as part of its ongoing military aid to Ukraine.

The platform will be handed over to Kyiv alongside an undisclosed number of 155 mm artillery shells, one SAMP/T battery, and other military capabilities, according to news outlet La Repubblica.

Italy’s aid is a direct response to Kyiv’s request for allies to donate more equipment to counter Russia’s attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure.

The package will be presented at the upcoming G7 summit in Puglia, Italy, which will begin on June 13.

The SAMP/T‘s radar system can simultaneously track up to 100 targets at a range of up to 74 miles (120 kilometers) and an altitude of 12 miles (20 kilometers).

Italy-Ukraine Relations

Italy delivered its first SAMP/T to Ukraine in 2023 three months after the package was announced.

A team of 20 Ukrainian servicemen were trained to operate the system by French and Italian air defense personnel in Rome following the announcement.

Part of Italy’s ongoing support for Ukraine includes the handover of Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles used to strike standoff-range targets, as well as economic sanctions imposed on Russia by both the EU and NATO.

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