US Space Force Tests New Weapon Against ‘Space-Enabled’ Attacks

The US Space Force recently tested a new ground-based weapon that can reportedly defend against “space-enabled” attacks.

Called the Remote Modular Terminal (RMT), the device can jam enemy satellites by flooding the airwaves with competing signals.

Once the airwaves are clogged, communication signals being sent to and from the satellite are disrupted.

According to the service’s Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM), the test saw the system being fielded for the first time at two separate locations and controlled from a third, demonstrating operational flexibility.

It was evaluated based on system latency, target engagement accuracy, and network security. However, the results of the test were not made available to the public.

“This event demonstrates the service’s new vision for integrated developmental and operational tests to provide more relevant capabilities to guardians faster,” US Space Force Lt. Col. Gerrit Dalman said.

Providing Counter Space EW Capability

Although details about the RMT are scarce, official photos available online show the device resembling a satellite dish with a diameter of around 10 feet (3 meters).

Its primary task is to render enemy satellites useless for communications, surveillance, or weapons guidance.

According to STARCOM, the system is designed to be fielded in large numbers and operated remotely to keep soldiers out of harm’s way.

It is also reportedly made with increased capacity, adaptability, and resiliency to defend against sophisticated space-enabled attacks.

Once all trials are complete, Dalman said the cost-effective weapon will provide improved counter space electronic warfare capability to the US military.

Remote Modular Terminal
US military personnel remotely operating the Remote Modular Terminal during its recent trial in Colorado Springs. Photo: STARCOM

Race With China

Testing of the RMT satellite-jamming weapon comes as the US military continues to invest in bolstering its space capabilities amid a race with China and increasing threats from Russia.

Dubbed Washington’s biggest threat in space, Beijing has ramped up development of space-based platforms, such as spy satellites and spacecraft.

It has also formed a fifth military force – the “Near-Space Command” – said to safeguard a contested zone deemed crucial for determining the outcome of future battles.

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