Kyiv Working With US Charity on Military Rehab Center

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration (KRMA) and US charity Dell Loy Hansen Family Foundation are collaborating to develop a rehabilitation center for Ukraine’s military personnel and civilians.

The facility will cater to the physical and psychological needs of individuals affected by the ongoing war.

A detailed analysis of all needed documentation for the center’s construction will be submitted in the coming week.

KRMA Head Ruslan Kravchenko stated that the organizations aim to make the facility the standard for future rehab centers in Ukraine and other war-affected countries.

Kravchenko added that the two organizations have begun talks to reconstruct 10 schools destroyed during the invasion. The cause will benefit an estimated 10,000 schoolchildren.

Ukraine’s Restoration Efforts

Ukraine’s plan to mitigate the effects of war includes rehabilitating its land and individuals through various humanitarian missions.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Defense Industry announced the establishment of the Veterans Reintegration Center, which aims to assist military veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

The center offers employment solutions, family consultation, and physical and psychological care.

Ukraine is also collaborating with international organizations to distribute demining capabilities to regions directly affected by the conflict.

Demining equipment and other heavy-duty vehicles have been handed over by groups such as NATO and the EU to help Ukraine restore industrial and agricultural regions.

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