US Army to Unveil First, Largest 3D-Printed Barracks

Soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas will soon be living and training in the US Army’s first and largest 3D-printed barracks.

The service recently announced that a 5,700-square-foot facility made by a cutting-edge 3D printer will be opened this summer to house up to 72 troops.

It will have 36 bunk beds and bathrooms, and it will be able to resist extreme weather and resist the impact of disasters.

“By prioritizing soldier well-being with mold-resistant materials and energy-efficient designs, these new barracks truly represent how ‘it’s better at Bliss,’” Fort Bliss Command Sgt. Maj. Dave Sweeney said.

A total of three 3D-printed buildings will be built at the site by American construction technology firm ICON.

‘A Promising Solution’

According to the US Army, the 3D-printed barracks will improve the quality of life of soldiers and enhance the resilience of army installations.

It is reportedly “a promising solution” to the service’s growing housing needs, especially now that it is being accused of not properly maintaining its housing facilities, risking the health and safety of troops.

The army also said the unique and innovative barracks will maximize energy efficiency and cost savings by employing resilient materials.

“The introduction of 3D-printed barracks embodies our commitment to creating a truly exceptional experience for soldiers living and working here,” Sweeney explained.

Once completed, the 3D-printed structures will be the largest in the Western Hemisphere, according to the army.

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