Norway Seeking to Reduce NASAMS Air Defense System Delivery Times

The Norwegian government plans to invest 940 million kroner ($88 million) to improve the delivery times of Kongsberg’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS).

The proposed budget will be submitted to the Norwegian Parliament as part of the country’s efforts to enhance the Norwegian Armed Forces’ defense capabilities.

If approved, critical parts necessary to produce NASAMS launcher units will be ordered to shorten extended delivery periods and speed up production times.

The proposal comes amid security concerns brought by the Russo-Ukrainian war, which has highlighted the importance of air defense.

“The present security climate necessitates the expedited procurement of advanced air defence systems. The conflict in Ukraine has underscored the vital importance of air defence in wartime,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said.

Defending the Skies

The battle-tested NASAMS has seen action in Ukraine, with Norway donating the capabilities to Kyiv as part of its military aid in 2023.

The medium-range, ground-based air defense system is used to neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, and cruise missiles by utilizing a low-latency network of radars, sensors, and missile launchers.

Kongsberg developed NASAMS with defense manufacturer Raytheon as a modular capability that can easily adapt to evolving technologies and be equipped with a wide array of existing air-to-air missiles.

NASAMS is currently used in 13 countries, including Australia, Chile, Spain, and the US.

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