German Firm Explores Producing Anti-Tank System in Ukraine

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) and Ukrainian Defense Industry have signed an agreement to explore producing the Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank rocket launcher in Ukraine.

As part of the agreement, Ukrainian firms could start with the weapon’s final assembly followed by licensed production, Hartpunkt revealed, citing a DND spokesperson.

Ukraine Deployment

The Panzerfaust is one of the portable anti-tank systems the West has been delivering to Ukraine since the start of the war.

The 15-kilogram (33 pounds) recoilless system features a range of around 400 meters (1,312 feet) and is capable of penetrating 1 meter (328 feet) of steel armor, including reactive protection.

As part of its military support, DND has been commissioned to produce thousands of additional Panzerfausts for Ukraine.

Panzerfaust Successor

Production in Ukraine will increase supply and allow DND to focus on other products, such as Panzerfaust’s successor, the RGW110, according to Hartpunkt.

The GW110 is in the starting blocks of production, featuring a lighter weight (four kilograms/nine pounds) than its predecessor and a comparable warhead with twice the range.

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