Netherlands Sends Ukraine Stingers, Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers

The Netherlands dispatched an arms consignment Sunday to Ukraine that includes 50 German-made anti-tank rocket launchers and Stinger missiles.

The consignment aboard a C-17 transport aircraft also includes 100 sniper rifles with 30,000 rounds, 3,000 combat helmets, 2,000 fragmentation vests, 30 metal detectors, wire-guided robots to detect sea mines, five weapon location radars, and two battlefield surveillance radars, as requested by Kyiv.

Approval From Berlin

The Dutch Ministry of Defense confirmed Saturday that it was sending the Panzerfaust 3 shoulder-fired rocket launchers, which has a range of around 1 kilometer (0.62 miles), and 400 German-made rocket-propelled grenades to the beleaguered country after receiving a go-ahead from Berlin, an essential condition to export the weapon to a third party.

Germany has so far not agreed to Ukraine’s request for lethal weapons.

The decision came on the same day the Dutch cabinet announced plans to send 200 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. The shoulder-fired missile can hit a target at an altitude of up to 5 km (3.10 miles).

Patriot Missile for Slovakia

The government is also considering sending a Patriot missile air defense unit to Slovakia “as part of its obligation to NATO.”

The air defense system is capable of shooting down aircraft and cruise missiles at an altitude of 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) and a distance of 60 kilometers (37.28 miles).

Deployment of more aircraft to Bulgaria along with 90 personnel is being considered for the coming months. The Netherlands has already sent fighter aircraft, including two F-35s, to eastern Europe.

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