Hungary Achieves First Flight With C-390 Military Transport Aircraft

Hungary’s first C-390 Millennium military transport aircraft has achieved its maiden flight at Gavião Peixoto in São Paulo, Brazil.

The plane was flown for approximately four hours by the Embraer Defense & Security Team, marking a new stage in its integration into the Hungarian Air Force.

The development comes following a contract signed in 2020 in which Hungary ordered two transport variants of the KC-390 tanker-support plane from the Brazilian firm.

Embraer Defense & Security CEO Bosco da Costa Junior said the C-390 proves the company’s dedication to strengthening Hungary’s military capabilities with newer technologies.

“We are keen in further deepening this partnership with the Hungarian Defence Forces, and supporting them well into the future,” he added.

Delivery and full implementation of the C-390 is expected by the end of the year.

Embaer’s Payload Expert

The C-390 Millenium is a multi-mission capability providing support for cargo and troop launching missions and aeromedical evacuations, as well as search and rescue, firefighting, and humanitarian operations.

It can carry 26 tons of payload and fly at 470 knots (541 miles/870 kilometers per hour).

Hungary will be joining Brazil and Portugal as the only current operators of the jet-powered aircraft. Other future operators include Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

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