Embraer Enters Negotiations to Deliver C-390 Millennium to Czech Army

The Czech Republic has begun negotiations with Embraer to procure C-390 Millennium transport aircraft for the country’s armed forces.

Occurring after market evaluation and assessments, the Czech Army’s next airlift capability was selected for its lesser maintenance requirements compared to other models, enabling “higher availability and lower life-cycle costs” for the army, the Brazilian company wrote.

According to Embraer, these negotiations lay the groundwork to deliver two C-390s.

The platforms will be used for operations such as air assault, resupply and transport, air-to-air refueling, medical evacuation, firefighting, and humanitarian missions.

The contract will also include entry-to-operation plans, complete aircrew training solutions, spare parts, and in-country assistance by Embraer experts throughout the agreement’s initial period.

Teaming With Local Industry

Embraer is now collaborating with local industry partners for associated production.

Czech firm Aero Vodochody will lead several aspects of the program, including fabricating crew and paratrooper doors, the rear fuselage, emergency capabilities, cargo ramps, and aerodynamic components.

Once the planes are delivered, the Czech Republic will become the sixth nation and the fourth NATO state in the EU to integrate the C-390. 

The C-390 Millennium tactical transport aircraft. Photo: Embraer
The C-390 Millennium tactical transport aircraft. Photo: Embraer

“We are honored to be selected by the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces to start negotiating on this significant acquisition and we are ready to provide the most advanced medium transport aircraft available in the market to the Czech Republic,” Embraer Defense & Security CEO and President Bosco da Costa Jr. stated.

“The C-390 Millennium is drawing the attention of several nations around the world due to its unbeatable combination of high productivity and operating flexibility with low operating costs.”

Embraer’s C-390

The C-390 military transport aircraft has a maximum speed of 470 knots (870 kilometers/541 miles per hour) and can carry payloads weighing up to 26 tons (23,600 kilograms).

Users can deploy the system in any environment, including unpaved or temporary runways.

Furthermore, the C-390 has an aerial refueling operability in both the tanker and receiver configurations.

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