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South Korea Selects Embraer C-390 Millennium as New Military Transport Plane

Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer announced that it has been selected to supply South Korea’s new military transport aircraft.

The company will deliver an undisclosed number of C-390 Millennium planes specially configured to meet Republic of Korea Air Force requirements.

It will also provide associated support services and equipment, including training and spare parts.

“We welcome the Republic of Korea Air Force to the growing number of air forces operating the C-390 Millennium – the most modern military tactical transport aircraft,” Embraer CEO Bosco da Costa Jr. said.

“Day after day, the aircraft has proven its capability to complete a wide range of missions with great efficiency, serviceability, and speed.”

The contract makes South Korea the first Asian customer of the twin-engine aircraft. It is also the seventh nation to select the Millennium for its military transport needs after Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic.


Boosting Local Production

In addition to delivering the aircraft and necessary spare parts, Embraer will provide its latest customer with a “comprehensive consortium and offset package” that will allow the manufacture of C-390 parts in South Korea.

The company will also help identify a local maintenance and overhaul provider to ensure easier sustainment of the aircraft.

Several Korean partner firms are expected to take part in the initiative.

“This is a new era in Brazil-South Korea relations and together with our Korean partners, we are committed to growing the capabilities of its aerospace and defense industries,” Da Costa added.

About the C-390

First entered service with the Brazilian Air Force in 2019, the C-390 Millennium has accumulated more than 10,800 flight hours, delivering personnel and cargo for militaries around the world.

It boasts a mission completion rate of above 99 percent and an operational availability of 80 percent, as per data from Embraer.

The aircraft can travel at a maximum speed of 470 knots (870 kilometers/510 miles per hour) and has a payload capacity of 26 tons.

Apart from transporting soldiers, the C-390 can be used for medical evacuation, search and rescue, and aerial refueling.

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