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China Says New AI-Enabled Spy Tech Gives Enemies ‘Nowhere to Hide’

Chinese scientists claimed to have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled spy tech that gives enemy forces “nowhere to hide” on the battlefield.

Designed for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the electronic warfare device reportedly provides “seamless, wide bandwidth, and real-time” monitoring of enemy assets.

It can detect enemy signals “with unparalleled speed,” decode their physical characteristics, and effectively neutralize them while ensuring uninterrupted communication for friendly forces.

Project lead scientist Yang Kai said the tech could capture and analyze pulse signals emitted by US armed forces even if they quickly switch to civilian frequencies.

And if these signals are intercepted and disrupted, the device could affect the coordination of US military units on the battlefield, said Yang.

‘Profound Shift in the Art of War’

The team that worked on the new device admitted that they first thought it was impossible to create spy tech with such capabilities because of the massive amount of data that needs to be processed.

They claimed that traditional monitoring systems are usually limited by their hardware and can only analyze in the 40- to 160-megahertz bandwidth.

However, the new tech allegedly extends this range to allow for seamless detection and monitoring of frequencies in the gigahertz range, including that of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

Additionally, the team used AI to improve the device’s performance, particularly in tasks that involve differentiating between civilian and military signals and sorting large data sets.

With its relatively “small size, high performance, and low power consumption,” the Chinese researchers said they believe the tech could cause “a profound shift” in how battles are fought.

J-16D electronic warfare aircraft
China’s J-16D electronic warfare aircraft. Photo: 中華民國國防部/Wikimedia Commons

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