NATO Orders AT4 Anti-Armor Weapons From Saab

Swedish defense company Saab has secured a contract to deliver AT4 man-portable anti-armor weapons to NATO.

The 63-million-euro ($67.6 million) order was placed under the alliance’s Ammunition Support Partnership, a framework streamlining the procurement and supply of shells for over 20 international force members.

The systems are scheduled for delivery in 2026 and 2027.

For Dismounted Troops

AT4 is designed to equip dismounted troops with easy-to-use and rapid-firing capability. The single-operator weapon is simply aimed and activated before discarding empty bullets to neutralize targets, according to Saab’s portal.

The 84-millimeter caliber anti-tank technology can be deployed during day and night operations and boasts confined space abilities, the company wrote.

Alongside armored vehicles, the AT4 can penetrate heavy combat vehicles and threats situated within fortifications and buildings.

AT4 anti-armor weapon
The AT4 anti-armor weapon. Photo: Saab

“Our AT4 stands out on the market as a highly sought-after and effective support weapon. We are honoured that the NSPA has trusted our products once again, and they can feel confident that they have a leading single-shot weapon that is robust and reliable,” Saab Dynamics Head Görgen Johansson stated.

Recent AT4 Contracts

Saab secured a $104.9-million contract last September to supply AT4 weapon systems on top of Carl-Gustaf ammunition for the US Department of Defense.

These articles will be distributed across the US Marine Corps, Army, and Special Forces.

The Stockholm firm signed a similar agreement for multiple NATO nations in April 2023. Three months prior, the French defense procurement agency invested $26 million to purchase the anti-armor weapons.

In 2022, the US procured a separate tranche of an AT4/Carl-Gustaf package from Saab at $81.8 million.

The same year, the Swedish company received an order to deliver AT4s in the anti-structure tandem-warhead variant for the Indian armed forces.

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