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US DoD Orders AT4 Systems, Carl-Gustaf Munitions From Saab

Swedish weapons developer Saab has received a $104.9-million contract to supply the US Department of Defense (DoD) with AT4 weapon systems and Carl-Gustaf ammunition.

The framework agreement builds on a 2019 contract signed to provide additional anti-tank capabilities and corresponding munitions for the US Army, Marine Corps, and Special Forces.

A separate contract for similar articles was ordered in September 2022 for the US Army, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command.

Carl-Gustaf weapon system
Saab’s Carl-Gustaf weapon system. Photo: Saab

Under the latest order, Saab will deliver AT4CS RS (Confined Space, Reduced Sensitivity) systems and the HE 448 high-explosive rounds called HE 441E in the US.

Shipping for the project will run between 2024 to 2026.

“Saab’s shoulder-launched weapons and munitions are unmatched for their effectiveness against a wide range of tactical targets and dramatically improve the survivability of warfighters,” Saab US CEO and President Erik Smith stated.

“The DoD’s expanded commitment to our close combat solutions validates Saab’s focus on delivering innovative, advanced products that can evolve to meet the long-term needs of our partners.”

AT4CS RS and HE 448

The AT4CS RS is a fully disposable, man-portable system developed to counter armored platforms. The system functions as a shoulder-launched munition or SLM.

It was first introduced in the US Army in the 1980s. Since then, Saab has provided over 700,000 systems to the US military. 

Fifteen international groups are currently developing and deploying the AT4CS RS and its variants.

AT4 anti-armor weapon
The AT4 anti-armor weapon. Photo: Saab

Meanwhile, the HE 448 was developed to provide Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifles with enhanced accuracy and efficiency on the modern battlefield.

Its multi-role fuse can be configured in airburst mode to neutralize infantry in open fields and trenches or in impact mode against soft-skinned vehicles and other semi-hard targets.

Recent Contracts 

Sweden contracted Saab in May to supply an undisclosed amount of Carl-Gustaf rounds as part of a larger program between the firm and the country’s materiel administration.

In March, the Lithuanian government procured similar ammunition from the company for $13.8 million. Last year, Saab received a long-term contract to supply the same rifle munitions for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

France also awarded Saab a $26-million contract for the AT4 system earlier this year. India also contracted the company for the anti-armor weapon in January 2022.

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