France Buys AT4 Anti-Armor Weapons From Saab for $26M

The French defense procurement agency has awarded a 24-million-euro ($26-million) contract to Saab for the delivery of AT4 anti-armor weapons.

According to the Swedish firm, the man-portable weapon system can neutralize enemy tanks and heavy combat vehicles.

It can also be used to attack buildings and protected infrastructure where enemy troops are hiding.

Saab official Görgen Johansson said that the delivery of “future-ready” AT4 weapons to Paris would ensure that the French military is equipped with the necessary firepower for an advantage on the battlefield.

“We are proud to yet again be chosen to deliver our world class single-shot AT4 system to France,” he stated.

France has previously procured the extended range, high explosive, and anti-structure variants from Saab.

Additional Features

Saab’s AT4 is lightweight and optimized to support a variety of combat missions.

It has an effective range of 200 to 1,000 meters (656 to 3,280 feet).

The company said even less experienced soldiers can use the weapon as it only requires to be aimed and fired.

“Our AT4 family is ready for anything, providing the capabilities required for mission success, including night and confined space abilities,” Saab stated on its website.

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