Germany to Receive Additional Sniper Support Scopes From Hensoldt

Taufkirchen-based Hensoldt will deliver 90 additional Spotter 42 sniper support scopes for the German Armed Forces.

This tranche follows an initial batch delivered last year and complements the military’s existing Spotter 60s.

The Spotter 42 has a focus range of 50 meters (164 feet), a focal total length of 380 millimeters (15 inches), and a 112-meter (367 feet) field of view (FOV) at its starting magnification scale.

It can zoom up to 47 times for a 17-meter (56 feet) FOV and can be adjusted for day and night operations 

The scope is offered with a lens hood, a polarizing filter, an optics cleaning kit, a strapped bag carrier, and a Picatinny tripod with rail adapter and mount.

“The optical performance of the Spotter 42 … represents a milestone in the compact observation optics device category with its large field of view, high edge-to-edge sharpness and brilliant image quality across the entire magnification range,” Hensoldt said in its press release.

“The Spotter 42 was very well received by users and procurers from the military authorities of European nations at EnforceTac 2024 in Nuremberg and will be offered as a series device.”

“In a further expansion stage, it will receive additional functional additions in the future that will expand its area of use.”

Hensoldt’s Recent German Military Projects

Hensoldt launched its first modified aircraft as part of the German Ministry of Defense’s efforts to employ a new intelligence aircraft.

In September 2023, the company and an industry partner announced the development of an air surveillance and defense solution for the German Armed Forces.

Four months earlier, Hensoldt completed upgrades for the military’s existing radar generator and environment simulator.

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