Sweden Orders Carl-Gustaf Ammunition From Saab

Sweden has contracted local defense firm Saab to supply an undisclosed amount of ammunition for its Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifles.

Valued at 3 billion Swedish kronor ($277 million), the contract is part of a larger framework agreement signed between the company and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.

According to Saab president Micael Johansson, the procurement would ensure that the Swedish military will have a large enough stockpile for future conflicts.

The ammunition reportedly strengthens the weapon’s tactical flexibility and increases its hit probability and effectiveness.

“We are proud to continue to deliver our world-leading solutions to Sweden and contribute to the Swedish defense capability,” Johansson explained.

Deliveries of the Carl-Gustaf ammunition will begin in 2026.

Meeting NATO Requirements

Sweden’s increasing acquisition of military weapons and equipment is seen as a move to meet NATO membership requirements.

Stockholm is expected to follow Finland’s entry into NATO, and one way of doing it is to show that it can provide sufficient support to the organization.

Last year, the country awarded Saab an 800 million Swedish kronor ($80 million) contract for programmable Carl-Gustaf rifle ammunition.

Additionally, the European nation procured eight sea-mobile artillery vessels for its Amphibious Battalions in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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