Sweden Procures Eight Artillery Vessels From Swede Ship Marine

Sweden has contracted Swede Ship Marine to deliver sea-mobile artillery vessels for its Amphibious Battalions in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Under the sale, the Swedish Armed Forces will receive eight systems integrated with stabilized hand-held grenade launchers, associated training, and spare parts.

Shipments for the training systems are scheduled between 2026 to 2027, followed by the platforms from 2027 to 2028.

“It is very gratifying that we can realize a completely new capability that gives the Armed Forces’ amphibious units a greatly increased opportunity to provide fire support to coastal units within the land and sea forces,” Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) Production Head Claes Westergren said.

‘Strong Addition’

The artillery vessels are expected to provide the military with a new, high-precision indirect fire capability for future maritime operations.

It will also enable rapid regrouping to other locations and advanced fire support during combat.

Furthermore, the vessels’ sensors and weapon systems can be configured to direct fire for self-protection.

“In Sweden’s unique archipelago environment with many islands and obscured visibility, this capability provides a strong addition to combating the enemy in an archipelago environment,” FMV Project Manager Lennart Klingenstierna said.

24-meter fast mortar vessel
24-meter fast mortar vessel. Photo: Swedeship Marine

Amphibious Combat 2030

The procurement is part of Sweden’s efforts to bolster its amphibious capabilities by the end of the decade.

The Amphibious Battalion 2030 program is now in the preparation and research phase. Additional acquisitions and related production are expected to roll out starting next year until 2033.

Solutions purchased for the initiative will focus on coastal area protection, naval weapons stations, other artillery platforms, and increased precision, darkness, and action technologies.

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