Sweden Orders Programmable Carl-Gustaf Rifle Ammunition 

The Swedish armament procurement agency has awarded Saab an 800 million Swedish kronor ($80 million) Carl-Gustaf rifle ammunition contract.

The 10-year contract covers the new programmable HE 448 high explosive ammunition. Delivery is scheduled to begin in 2023.

The HE 448 is one of four components of the latest Carl-Gustaf M4 anti-tank rifle, including a new fire control device (FCD) 558, a fire control computer, and target optics.

Combines Well With New Fire Control Device

The HE 448 communicates with the FCD 558 via the Firebolt protocol, transmitting information about the type of round and propellant temperature. The FCD then combines the information with the target distance entered by the operator to calculate the best trajectory.

The process helps the operator configure the chambered round faster, increasing operational effectiveness.

Last year, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration ordered the FCD 558 for 65 million Swedish kronor ($7 million). Delivery is scheduled to begin in 2022.

Greater Range, More Explosive

The projectile is lighter, giving it a greater range — 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) — than its predecessor, the HE 441. It also packs more fragments, increasing the explosive effect and covering a greater area of 400 square meters (4,305 feet).

“The HE 448 offers increased range and effectiveness against the target and has been developed drawing on our close customer relationships and our understanding of their requirements,” says Michael Höglund, head of Saab’s business unit Ground Combat.

“The FCD 558 also gives users a new option for equipping Carl-Gustaf with a more efficient sighting solution than the baseline configuration.” 

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