Netherlands to Acquire Hellfire Missiles in $150M Deal With US

The Netherlands is set to acquire 386 Hellfire missiles following approval of the possible foreign military sale by the US State Department.

The $150-million agreement will allow the country to purchase Hellfire AGM-114R2s, including technical assistance, integration support, and other logistics and program services.

The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency sis the proposed sale will support Washington’s foreign policy goals and national security objectives by improving the security of a NATO ally.

The sale is part of Amsterdam’s recent efforts for a stronger defense posture, having committed to increasing its military budget by 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion) in the coming years.

Homing Air-to-Surface Capability

Originally designed as an anti-armor capability, the Hellfire AGM-114 is an air-to-surface weapon capable of neutralizing drones with precision strikes.

Its semi-active laser homing system and millimeter-wave radar seeker allows it to track down high-value targets within a 12,000-yard (11,000 meters) radius.

The AGM-114R2 can reach Mach 1.3 (1,000 miles/1,600 kilometers per hour).

Currently, 32 nations operate the AGM-114 missiles, including Australia, India, South Korea, and Ukraine.

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