Royal Canadian Navy to Acquire SEA Torpedo Launch Systems

Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) Canada has been awarded a 15.1-million pound ($19 million) contract to produce lightweight Torpedo Launch Systems (TLS) for the Royal Canadian Navy.

The TLS capabilities will be integrated into an undisclosed major naval vessel program.

SEA’s launchers will be delivered by its Canadian subsidiary, supported by a team at SEA in the UK.

Work for the contract is scheduled for completion in 2030.

SEA’s Defense Technology

The SEA TLS is a close-range, rapid reaction system capable of launching NATO-standard lightweight torpedoes, including the US’ Mk44, Mk46, and Mk54 torpedoes, the UK’s Sting Ray, Italy’s A244S, France’s MU90, and South Korea’s Blue Shark.

Its modular design allows naval forces to configure its specifications accordingly, ensuring greater flexibility and long-term value.

Naval forces incorporating the launch system include the UK Royal Navy and the Philippine Navy.

Canada’s Torpedo-Equipped Vessel

The Royal Canadian Navy’s ongoing major vessel programs include the construction of the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) ships, slated to be equipped with lightweight torpedoes and twin launch tubes.

Developed to “renew Canada’s federal fleet of combat and non-combat vessels” under the National Shipbuilding Strategy initiative, the CSC vessels will replace the Iroquois-class destroyers and Halifax-class frigates.

Currently, 15 ships are planned for construction by the 2040s.

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