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Naval Group to Equip Philippine Jose Rizal Frigates With Anti-Torpedo System

The Philippine Navy and Naval Group have conducted their pre-delivery inspection of the Canto/Contralto anti-torpedo system at the Euronaval 22 exhibit in Paris, France.

The activity is part of the navy’s plans to install the capability on the C-Guard decoy launching platform of the Jose Rizal-class missile frigates BRP Jose Rizal and BRP Antonio Luna.

Canto/Contralto Anti-Torpedo System

The Canto countermeasure system utilizes a dilution/confusion concept to generate a 360-degree high-level acoustic signal, covering the full-frequency range of a torpedo threat.

It is combined with Contralto reaction module technology that computes an evasive maneuver and deployment sequence upon threat detection.

According to Naval Group, the Canto and Contralto are employed by the French Navy and other international forces.

The inspection is part of Naval Group’s first collaboration with the Philippine Navy.

In 2020, the company opened its first office in Manila “to address the entire range of Philippine naval needs,” from the modernization of the naval force to the integration of a world-class submarine force.

Philippine Navy Modernization 

The procurement of anti-torpedo systems supports the ongoing modernization of the armed forces of the Philippines.

Earlier this year, Systems Engineering & Assessment awarded Hyundai Heavy Industries a contract to provide torpedo launcher systems for Philippine Navy corvettes.

The navy also spent $108 million to obtain two landing dock vessels for transport and logistics enhancement.

In September, the Philippine Navy welcomed its first two of eight future fast-attack interdictor craft-missile vessels. The christening took place after a 4-year overhaul of the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar offshore patrol vessel.

The same month, France expressed its interest in supporting the Philippine Navy. A potential submarine deal was discussed during a meeting between French Ambassador Michèle Boccoz and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Alongside France, the governments of India, Turkey, and South Korea have also expressed interest in supporting the navy’s future submarine acquisition.

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