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SEA to Supply Torpedo Launchers for Philippine Navy Corvettes

British engineering firm Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) has been awarded a contract to deliver torpedo launcher systems (TLS) to Hyundai Heavy Industries for integration into new Philippine Navy corvettes.

The SEA TLS is a close-range, rapid-reaction system capable of firing NATO-standard lightweight torpedoes such as the UK Sting Ray, Italian A244S, French MU90, Korean Blue Shark, US Mk44, Mk46, and Mk54.

With a highly flexible, modular design, the launcher can be configured to accommodate other weapon systems and be upgraded.

“This will enable the Philippine Navy to retain control of its supply chain through a choice of suppliers for ammunition, delivering greater flexibility and long-term value,” SEA said in a press release.

Two TPS-equipped corvettes are scheduled for delivery by 2025. The multimillion-pound acquisition is part of the country’s ongoing military modernization program.

Torpedo Launcher System
SEA’s Torpedo Launcher System. Photo: SEA

‘Future-Proof Corvettes’

The signing of the SEA TLS contract follows the delivery of a similar system for Philippine Navy frigates. The company said that its latest agreement with the Southeast Asian nation “further cements our positive relationship.”

SEA vice president David Hinds explained that the “inherent flexibility” of the torpedo launchers will help “future-proof” the state-of-the-art corvettes against new weapon developments and obsolescence.

“This contract is the positive result of collaboration with our in-country partners, the British Embassy, [Hyundai], and the Philippine Navy, and signifies the increasing global appeal of weapon agnostic defence capabilities that deliver greater operational flexibility,” Hinds said.

“We look forward to working with our partners across Southeast Asia and further strengthening our relationship with [Hyundai] and the Philippine Navy.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Heavy Industries representative Kyunghyun Cho revealed that the company’s decision to tap SEA’s services was due to the “impressive” performance of the TLS installed on Philippine Navy frigates.

He said that the firm is “pleased to be collaborating with SEA to deliver the same superior capability to the Navy’s corvettes.”


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