Canadian Military to Receive Over 1,500 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will deliver over 1,500 Zetros logistics trucks to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The delivery includes 1,000 light Zetros (two-axle vehicles with all-wheel drive, 4×4) and approximately 500 heavy Zetros (four-axle vehicles with all-wheel drive, 8×8).

The vehicles will be used for off-road transportation of goods and personnel. 

“This contract reflects the level of confidence one of the largest NATO countries has in our partner network – in our experience, reliability and technical competence,” Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Franziska Cusumano said.

Consortium to Implement Order

A consortium of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, Marshall Canada, Soframe, Manac, and General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-Canada) will implement the order as part of the Logistics Vehicle Modernization project.

“We are delighted to be working with our four strong partners to equip the Canadian logistics fleet,” Cusumano said.

“Together, we will supply the right products and provide the best possible in-service support for many years to come.”

Manufacturing will take place in Germany’s Worth am Rhein, with the off-road-capable Zetros series of trucks serving as the common chassis.

Marshall Canada will produce a variety of interchangeable 10-foot (3-meter) and 20-foot (6-meter) mission modules for the trucks, while Manac will provide trailers.

Soframe will provide armor for the vehicles, with GDLS-Canada serving as prime integrator.

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