France Orders 109 Upgraded Caesar Artillery Systems

The French Ministry of Defense has ordered Nexter Systems to deliver 109 Caesar MkII artillery systems.

The contract amount has not been disclosed and includes support in the first two years of use.

Delivery will begin in 2026, replacing first the AMX-30 AuF1 and then the Caesar MkI self-propelled howitzer for the French Army.

The wheeled MkI has been in service since 2008 while the tracked AuF1 has come to the end of its operational life following service of over 45 years.

Caesar MkII 

In development since 2021, the MkII retains the MkI’s 155 mm 52-caliber gun while featuring upgraded crew protection, mobility, and radio.

It features reinforced cabin protection against mines and ballistic projectiles.

Its more powerful 460 HP engine compared to the previous 215 HP, new automatic gearbox, and a new Arquus chassis will enable greater mobility.

Additionally, it will feature the latest generation fire control software and its cabin will be designed to accommodate the next generation of NCT-t radios.

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