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European Nations Order $100M in 155mm Shells From Singapore Firm 

ST Engineering has clinched over $100 million in contracts to supply European countries with NATO-standard 155mm ammunition.

The Singapore-based firm secured the contracts between April and early June through competitive tenders, it stated in a press release.

Additionally, orders for 40mm ammunition were also received from the unidentified European customers.

“These new contracts not only reflect our position as a trusted partner within the NATO community, but also demonstrate our defense expertise in meeting the evolving needs of modern artillery operations,” ST Engineering President of Land Systems Lim Kok Ann said

NATO Compatible

The rounds are designed for both 39 and 52 caliber barrels, offering a range of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) and 39 kilometers (24 miles), respectively.

Moreover, they adhere to NATO STANAG requirements ensuring interoperability and reliability.

The announcement comes as European countries are looking to secure 155mm ammunition for Ukraine.

“In a world where safeguarding peace is of paramount importance, our defense solutions stand as pillars of strength, ensuring security and stability for nations,” Ann added.

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