KNDS Unveils European Main Battle Tank With Three Guns

KNDS has unveiled a new main battle tank for European customers featuring an uncommon number of guns to tackle various threats.

Presented at Eurosatory 2024, the Enhanced Main Battle Tank (E-MBT) features a 140-millimeter Ascalon main gun with an autoloader that can hold up to 22 rounds.

It is also armed with a coaxial 20×102-millimeter automatic gun and a remote-controlled weapon station with another 30-millimeter gun.

Apart from its firepower, the new E-MBT boasts enhanced survivability features with its Prometheus active protection system with integral top-attack protection.

But the most unusual feature of the new armored vehicle is its artificial intelligence-enabled fire control system, which facilitates the autonomous selection and queuing of weapon systems to attack targets in order of priority.

A Larger Project

The unveiling of the E-MBT was part of KNDS’ efforts to anticipate the Franco-German Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) project.

Expected to enter service in 2035, the MGCS will replace the European Leopard 2 and Leclerc tanks.

The consortium has already showcased its ability to develop a combat vehicle with an unmanned turret for the larger European project.

The E-MBT features six anti-drone radars, four laser and missile warning sensors, and an acoustic gunshot detector.

It provides 360-degree coverage of the surroundings for enhanced situational awareness.

The new tank is scheduled for a firing-on-the-move demonstration in 2025.

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