Hungary Mulls Selling Outdated Military Equipment to Serbia

Hungary is considering selling its outdated war stocks to Serbia as it seeks to develop a more modern military.

Hungarian Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovnivzky said the country is willing to transfer aging military equipment to its southern neighbor “up to a limit defined by law.”

He explained that the defense items are no longer used for Budapest’s national defense and are lying unused at military facilities.

Potential Items to Sell

Although Szalay-Bobrovnivzky did not mention specific equipment, a report by Army Technology outlined a range of defense platforms that Hungary can offer.

These include US-made M1151 armored multi-role vehicles and Swedish JAS 39C trainer aircraft, all more than a decade old.

It also possesses Soviet-era systems, such as MiG24 attack helicopters and armored fighting vehicles.

Additionally, Budapest reportedly has 30 aging T-72 M1 main battle tanks, considered “ripe for Serbian picking.”

“By selling these items, we can also save on the storage of this equipment,” Szalay-Bobrovnivzky said.

Recent Deal

Prior to announcing its intent to sell the outdated equipment, Hungary sold 26 Soviet-era BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles to Belgrade late last month.

The vehicles were equipped with night vision devices and advanced communication systems, but they are reportedly no longer suitable for Budapest’s long-term defense needs.

According to Serbian newspaper Srbija Danas, the Balkan nation has made a “very good decision” in procuring the Russian vehicles because they can be used to support various military missions in Serbia.

Hungary first commissioned its BTR-80A vehicles into service in 1996.

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