Netherlands Donates Mobile Field Hospital to Ukraine 

Medical group Hospitainer has handed over a mobile field hospital to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (DPSU) to provide aid to soldiers.

The Dutch group said that the Role II hospital will provide a low-temperature environment where wounded troops can receive urgent care.

The Role II building includes an outpatient department, 36-bed isolation wards, and intensive care units. It also includes operating, pre-and post-operative teams, and laboratory and radiological departments.

It is the ninth field hospital given by the Netherlands to the war-torn country.

The DPSU shared in a statement that the hospital will be stationed in East Ukraine, where the country’s troops are engaged in combat with invading Russian troops.

Hospitainer’s Healthcare Assistance

Hospitainer has delivered Primary Health Care mobile units to Ukraine in the past to give healthcare solutions to refugees.

Aside from medical trucks, the group also built a semi-mobile hospital to take over the services of a war-damaged hospital.

The company also worked alongside NGOs to send ambulances and healthcare trailers, as well as repairing clinics and hospitals damaged during the conflict.

Dutch Aid to Ukraine

In 2023, the Netherlands pledged 2.5 billion euros ($2.7 billion) of military aid to Ukraine, with around 20 percent going towards humanitarian aid and infrastructure rebuilding.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte added that reconstruction efforts will include rebuilding hospitals alongside housing and agricultural areas.

Aside from financial aid, the country has also supported Ukraine with the investigation of human rights violations committed amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

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