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Indian Army Develops AI Tech to Fight Honey-Trapping

The Indian Army has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology to combat “honey-trapping” by enemy spies.

A common method of espionage, honey-trapping refers to using romantic or sexual relationships to obtain sensitive information.

Soldiers from India’s Territorial Army developed the so-called Chatbot to help commanders determine which soldiers are most susceptible to such espionage tactics, according to a report by EurAsian Times.

The tech operates on WhatsApp and simulates conversations with soldiers. It also mimics various honey-trapping scenarios to see who among the unsuspecting troops will fall into the trap.

A soldier being tested is expected to immediately block unsolicited messages from unknown numbers. Those who continue with the conversation are thoroughly monitored.

“The AI bot learns from itself, and new scenarios can be easily added for effective training,” an unnamed Indian Army official told the outlet.

Previous Honey-Trapping Incidents

The Indian Army has fallen victim to multiple honey-trapping attempts, primarily by Pakistani spies.

The most infamous attempt happened last year when a Pakistani spy posing as a girl successfully honey-trapped a Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official, making him divulge sensitive information about the BrahMos missile.

The official was immediately arrested by Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad after tracing the spy’s IP address.

Another DRDO senior technical officer was detained in 2023 on suspicion of giving information about India’s missile testing to a Pakistani intelligence operative.

The officer reportedly fell prey to the spy, who introduced herself as a poor science student from northern India.

Other Countermeasures

In addition to developing the Chatbot, the Indian Army has been recruiting cyber-specialists to help thwart espionage online.

It has also reportedly adopted strict policies about its soldiers’ use of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Among these policies is the prohibition of posting photographs of military personnel in uniform. They are also not allowed to use phones inside military installations.

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