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Mobilicom to Provide Cybersecure Datalinks for Israeli Loitering Munitions

Israeli networking solutions firm Mobilicom has secured an initial production-scale contract for cybersecurity devices used in loitering munitions manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries.

The agreement stipulated the provision of the company’s SkyHopper Pro Lite, a device countering multiple digital threats and malicious attacks on drones without the help of human operators.

The non-line-of-sight system can sustain radio signals up to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) across urban and industrial environments.

Alongside cyber threats, the Skyhopper can alleviate other types of electronic interference and jamming attacks while sustaining connectivity in areas with dead spots.

SkyHopper Pro Lite
SkyHopper Pro Lite datalink device. Photo: Mobilicom

“Drones are becoming more important in the battlefield, thus we are seeing increasing interest in our end-to-end solutions,” Mobilicom Founder and CEO Oren Elkayam stated.

“We’ve been working closely with IAI and our system has been integrated with the loitering drones which are now headed into production.”

Israel’s Recent Loitering Munition Projects

Israel Aerospace Industries signed an agreement with the Estonian government in May 2023 for the procurement of loitering munitions in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

These munitions were ordered to complement Tallinn’s existing long-range artillery ammunition, anti-ship missiles, and multiple-launch rocket systems.

The same year, the US government announced Tel Aviv’s procurement of 200 Switchblade 600 kamikaze drones from AeroVironment.

In 2021, Israel Aerospace Industries signed a memorandum of understanding with its Seoul counterpart, Korea Space Industries, for joint research to maximize the capability of loitering munitions against enemy air defenses.

The strategic partnership will also co-develop new weapon systems for long-endurance reconnaissance missions and delayed strike operations.

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