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Singapore to Upgrade Formidable-Class Frigates

Singapore-based tech group ST Engineering has secured a contract to supply mid-life upgrades to the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Formidable-class frigates.

The company will update the ships’ marine and electrical systems, including their Ship Management System and Power Generation System, to extend their operational life.

The modernization will be applied progressively, with the first full upgrade scheduled to be completed by 2028.

ST Engineering’s upgrades are part of the Singaporean Ministry of Defence’s SAF2040 initiative, which envisions military modernization the country plans to complete by 2040.

The Formidable’s History

First commissioned in 2007, the frigate line has served as Singaporean Navy representatives on major multinational missions and exercises, including the Rim of the Pacific Exercise.

The Formidable-class frigates are known for having a relatively small radar cross-section, making them less detectable compared to other warships.

They are mainly utilized as key information technology capabilities for the Singapore Armed Forces’ Integrated Knowledge-based Command and Control Network.

Outside of reconnaissance, the ships have also been deployed to combat piracy in Somali waters, and assisted in the search and rescue operations of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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