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Singapore Army Now Equipped With New Light Machine Gun

The Singapore Army has begun equipping its infantry units with a new light machine gun (LMG) better suited to close-quarters combat.

The service recently announced on social media that it has been progressively introducing the 6940E-SG infantry automatic rifle since last month to enhance soldiers’ lethality.

Developed by American firm Colt Manufacturing, the weapon reportedly comes with many features tailored to the needs of infantry troops, including ambidextrous fire controls.

Additionally, the LMG has an adjustable foregrip and buttstock to give operators a more personalized fit.

A picatinny rail system allows the machine gun to integrate new modules to meet the army’s future needs.

The 6940E-SG is relatively shorter than its predecessor, making it more maneuverable in the tight spaces of an urban environment.

More Suppressive Firepower

According to the Singapore Army, the new LMG was procured in partnership with Defence Science and Technology to provide the service with more suppressive firepower.

It replaces the Singapore-made Ultimax 100 Section Automatic Weapon (SAW), which has been in service for more than 40 years.

6940E-SG light machine gun
A closer look at the 6940E-SG light machine gun. Photo: Singapore Army via Facebook

One of the accessories installed on the new machine gun is a multi-purpose laser aiming device that enables soldiers to operate more effectively in various combat scenarios.

It also comes with a new sighting system that features a 3x magnifier scope, allowing operators to acquire targets more rapidly and accurately.

“The LMG has surpassed the SAW in terms of accuracy and reliability,” platoon trainer Muhammad Noh Bin Muti said. “The increased maneuverability of the weapon allows the gunner to be nimble in tight spaces, which makes this weapon very ideal for urban operations.”

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