Damen Naval to Deliver Two Additional F126 Frigates to Germany

The German Navy has tapped Damen Naval to deliver two more Niedersachsen-class (F126) frigates, increasing the fleet’s size to six.

The procurement for the additional future anti-submarine warfare (ASW) ships was approved by the budget committee of Berlin’s federal parliament.

Construction of the ships will take place entirely in Germany, with Damen estimating deliveries in 2033 and 2034.

Modernizing the Army

Damen Naval managing director Roland Briene said the deal underlines the company’s role in modernizing Germany’s armed forces.

“It is the quickest way to expand and modernise the surface fleet of the German Navy. This decision also benefits the German procurement organisation and the involved industry. Having more ships of the same class brings many advantages,” Briene said.

The F126 frigates are set to replace the country’s Brandenburg-class ships, which have been in service since the mid-1990s.

The F126 Frigate

Conceptualized as early as 2020, the F126 ships will be responsible for sea missions focused on maritime surveillance, military evacuations and escorts, and task force leadership.

They will be equipped with ASW mission modules, advanced naval radar, and naval guns capable of firing single, burst, and sustained shots.

The first F126 frigate is expected to be delivered by 2028.

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