Atlas Elektronik to Equip German Frigates With Anti-Submarine Tech

Naval electronics developer Atlas Elektronik has been commissioned to equip the German Navy’s new F126 frigates with advanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) technologies.

As part of the contract, the company will deliver two shipboard ASW mission modules to allow the vessels to conduct long-range operations.

It will also provide a corresponding shore facility to train German Navy sailors in the new technology.

According to Atlas, the mission modules will utilize the company’s latest active and passive sonar technology to provide the navy with the best possible support in fulfilling ASW missions.

“With the F126 MM ASW, we are launching a new, very powerful ASW system to meet both the current and the future challenges of our customers,” company executive Michael Ozegowski said.

F126 MM ASW system
3D visualization of an ATLAS ELEKTRONIK F126 MM ASW system. Photo: ATLAS ELEKTRONIK

The F126 Frigate

The German Navy’s F126 frigate is being built as part of a 2020 agreement between the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, In-Service Support (BAAINBw), and Damen Shipyards.

A total of 155 meters long and accommodating up to 180 crew, the vessel will feature a modular design capable of executing anti-submarine, anti-air, and surface warfare missions.

The German Navy requires the vessel to have all potential mission modules onboard to reduce the need to return to port during operations.

The frigate will also feature the Lockheed Martin Mk41 vertical launch system, Leonardo’s Vulcano naval guns, and Hensoldt’s TRS-4D naval radars.

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