US Approves Sale of 263 Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missiles to Romania

Romania has been cleared to buy Javelin anti-tank guided missiles from the US as part of a potential $80-million foreign military sale.

The US State Department recently announced the approval, which covers 263 Javelins and 26 launch units.

The European nation also requested missile simulation rounds, associated operating equipment, and other related logistics and program support services.

According to the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the sale will bolster the defense capabilities of Romania – a NATO ally that serves as an important force for stability in Europe.

It would also allow Bucharest “to meet current and future threats by building its long-term defense capacity in line with its national defense requirements.”

Lockheed Martin and Raytheon will be the prime contractors.

About the Javelin

The Javelin is a US-made, man-portable tactical missile system capable of defeating main battle tanks and other armored vehicles with improved precision.

It is highly effective at short and medium ranges, and it can also support day or night operations.

Moreover, the anti-tank weapon features a fire-and-forget capability, allowing the operator to fire and immediately take cover or move to another position.

“Javelin provides enhanced lethality through the use of tandem warheads that defeat all known armor threats and can be used against stationary or moving targets,” according to the US Army. “This system also provides defensive capability against attacking or hovering helicopters.”

Once delivered, Romania will be among many countries that operate the system. The list includes Australia, Estonia, France, Taiwan, Ukraine, the UAE, and the UK.

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