US Approves $1.95 Billion Black Hawk Sale to Greece

The US State Department has approved a possible $1.95-billion sale of Black Hawk helicopters to Greece.

The sale lists 35 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters as an acquisition priority for Athens to replace its current helicopter fleet with more reliable capabilities.

Common missile warning, radar, and wireless intercom systems could also be purchased through the potential deal, as well as unguided rockets, machine guns, and other ballistic weaponry for the aircraft.

Additionally,  Greece requested personnel training and training equipment to ensure the helicopters’ smooth integration into the army.

The Hellenic Armed Forces’ recent military purchases come after the country’s fiscal stabilization, allowing the nation to allocate a six-year defense procurement budget estimated at around 11.5 billion euros ($12.6 billion).

A similar deal between the two countries was made in 2019 when Greece purchased MH-60R Seahawks to bolster its military contribution to NATO.

Black Hawk Functions

The UH-60M Black Hawks are twin-engine, medium-lift military helicopters designed to take on various roles, ranging from mine-laying to medical evacuation.

Its T700-GE-701D engines give the aircraft a maximum speed of 159 knots (183 miles/295 kilometers per hour) and a cruising speed of 152 knots (175 miles/282 kilometers per hour).

The helicopter is manned by a crew of four, with two pilots and two crew chiefs or gunners.

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